Artificial Turf Field Replacement at Lynchburg College


Sports Construction Management’s artificial turf field replacement at Lynchburg College’s Shellenberger Field in Lynchburg, VA is now complete and he finished field project looks absolutely outstanding. Utilizing Astroturf’s 3D3 52 synthetic turf system the field will provide years of outstanding play and durability for soccer, lacrosse and field hockey use.

Sports Construction Management


At the heart of Lynchburg College’s athletic facilities is the majestic Shellenberger Field. Named in honor of the founding men’s soccer coach, Bill Shellenberger, this beautiful complex is home to the LC men’s and women’s soccer, men’s andwomen’s lacrosse, field hockey, and men’s and women’s track and field teams. The facility features a large, new artificial turf field, a new state-of-the-art eight-lane track, and a spectator capacity of 3,000. Shellenberger Field is a formidable venue for visiting teams, with chair and bleacher seating on one side of the field and residence halls on the other, where student crowds gather to cheer on their Hornets. At one end of the field stands the LC hornet statue; at the other end, the Victory Bell Tower, which gets a lot of use given the strength of LC’s athletic programs.

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