SCM’s Synthetic Turf Field Maintenance Program

SCM’s Synthetic turf field maintenance program

SCM Expands its Maintain the Game Program

Lexington, NC – SCM might soon have a second meaning: Super Comprehensive Maintenance. That’s because North Carolina-based Sport Construction Management recently augmented its Maintain the Game™ synthetic turf maintenance program. SCM now offers three distinct levels of service tailored to the specific safeguarding needs of its artificial turf clients.

The Level 1 Field Maintenance Package features a full inspection of the athletic field, magnetic sweep, grooming and leveling of the synthetic turf infill. SCM’s Level 2 Field Deep Cleaning Package includes those basic field maintenance components as well as a specialized vacuum filtration deep clean process and a deep tine rake de-compaction of the infill. Both of these service packages are accompanied by a complete AstroTurf® field inspection report.

Lastly, SCM now offers a Bac-Shield Antimicrobial Spray Treatment, which disinfects the synthetic turf surface and inhibits mold, mildew and bacterial growth. This Level 3 package may be purchased separately or in conjunction with either Level 1 or Level 2.

“We are excited to be offering these comprehensive maintenance services to our customers,” said Leroy Lawson, Director of Operations for SCM. “Proper field maintenance is critically important for artificial turf sports fields, and these packages can extend the life of your field and ensure excellent field performance year after year.”

SCM’s ability to expand its Maintain the Game™ service offerings is the result of its acquisition of several pieces of new, state-of-the-art synthetic turf maintenance equipment. Pricing is standard for full-sized athletic fields, but custom pricing is available for small fields, multi-field sites or other variations. Customers and prospective customers should contact their local SCM sales rep for more information.

About SCM:

Sports Construction Management (SCM) is a leader in athletic field construction. The company offers a full range of synthetic turf field construction and installation services including general contracting, design consultation, project management, project estimating and budgeting, field base and drainage construction, artificial surface installation, renovations, conversions, and third party warranties. Satisfied clients can be found at the high school and collegiate levels, among professional sports teams, and with private and municipal sports complex projects. SCM’s portfolio includes over 400 synthetic turf systems throughout the United States, supporting athletic activity across football, baseball, soccer, softball, field hockey, lacrosse and more. The company’s service offerings extend to multi-purpose sport fields, custom applications and natural grass installations. To learn more, visit Sports Construction Management or call 866-215-5206.

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