Athletic Field Construction – What We Do

Football, Baseball, Soccer, Softball, Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Golf; There is one thing that all of these sports have in common (besides the use of a ball), and that is the need for a specific sort of surface on which to play. Whether someone needs a new field, renovations done, natural grass, or synthetic turf, our contractors go above and beyond the call of duty to deliver a gorgeous outcome. We have become well known nation-wide in the field of athletic field construction.

While we do handle natural grass fields, the majority of our projects have been synthetic turf. Since 1966, the dawn of Astroturf, synthetic turf fields have been sweeping the world of sports and athletic field construction. Controversy has struck at points between natural grass and synthetic turf, however the score says it all. More and more schools, towns, sports complexes etc. are making the change to turf fields. There are many benefits to synthetic turf, even the biggest skeptic could admit. One of the major gains of having a synthetic field, is the fact that weather is no longer a factor in whether or not the game goes on. Most synthetic turf fields in today’s age have a drainage component, making rain a moot point. Also, synthetic turf eliminates the need for sun, making indoor facilities a largely growing commodity. Synthetic turf fields also require minimum maintenance.

As some may know, FIFA instilled a two-star mark program for artificial turf soccer fields. The one-star recommended mark is issued to fields that meet the standard for community and amateur fields. In the US, there are only 19 one-star marked fields.  We have built a hand full of these fields, including all four of the fields that we had built at Evergreen Sportsplex in Northern Virginia.

At Sports Construction Management, we take great pride in what we do. We care about the players that are running on our fields and we want them to have the best experience possible. When it comes to athletic field construction, look no further than Sports Construction Management.

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