Artificial Turf Replacement

artificial turf replacementArtificial turf is an excellent substitute for natural turf grasses which can be expensive and require weekly and sometimes daily maintenance (depending on the location). The initial investment of artificial turf grass can an organization countless dollars over the years when you factor in water usage, grass cutting costs and repair costs. Many schools and community recreation centers have decided to construct artificial or synthetic turf fields. This is not a new phenomenon and there are countless studies that have been done to demonstrate exactly how effective artificial turf fields are at keeping maintenance costs low. Synthetic grasses are not all that different than natural turf grasses as far as player ability, risk of injury (it’s the same), and repair.

Many schools and community parks that installed artificial turf a decade or more ago decide to replace their artificial turf grasses. This is due to many reasons including wear and tear, better funding for higher quality artificial turf replacement grass and/or they did not work with a professional and licensed artificial turf installer and the job was not done correctly. We’ve seen just about every scenario at Sports Construction Management, a field construction and artificial turf replacement grass install company. We are currently working with the largest school district in Western North Carolina to replace several artificial turf fields that need upgrading. One of the common issues is seams becoming a bit loose.

We use a patented method of repair loose seams called AstroFusion which is a seaming process that uses pre-determined adhesives that are activated by heat and pressure. This method has the ability to PERMANENTLY make the field seams invisible. This is a huge innovation!  Call us to request quote or fill out our Request A Quote form.