Baseball Field Construction

Baseball Field ConstructionSports Construction Management Inc. has been a leader in the athletic field building and construction industry. We have completed numerous baseball field construction projects and are equipped to handle any athletic field build project that you or your organization has in mind. When preparing to start a project, there are numerous factors that come into play. We ask the right questions to get you an efficient answer and budget. We have completed numerous projects across the country for high schools as well as colleges and universities. Our master planning staff will work with you and your planning staff to create a plan that includes all aspects of the design, engineering and construction phase for any baseball field construction. Many times, multiple fields are constructed at the same time and we excel at creating large scale complex constructions with multiple multi-use fields.

Looking for a renovation solution? We complete baseball field renovations around the country. Many schools have several baseball fields that are dated and in need of repair and renovation. We work up a plan to create fields that are just like new fields, without the expense. Of course, some fields have specific issues that need to be addressed with a complete new construction. We advise and help schools and organizations plan for future projects with precise planning.

We have a commitment to quality and workmanship that is unparalleled in our industry. We are members of all of the elite industry related organizations and associations including: American Sports Builders Association, SportsTurf Managers Association, GreensGroomer worldwide, and Astroturf.