Belle Vernon HS Field Will Be Gold.

Belle Vernon, PA– The new AstroTurf field at Belle Vernon Area High School will be unmistakable.  The field will be gold. The existing AstroPlay surface by AstroTurf was originally installed in 2001.  Its 14 year lifespan is due to a nylon RootZone® and excellent maintenance on the part of the school district.   This time around, Belle Vernon Area has decided to amp up their field selection for the Leopards.

Our field lasted nearly twice as long as the original warranty, so the decision to buy from AstroTurf again was an easy one.  But this time, we really wanted to think outside the box and to show our school pride.  The Board of School Directors and I are so very proud of our District, we wanted to honor the Leopard tradition with a color that stands out,” said Superintendent Dr. John Wilkinson.

More than just the turf color is different about the field.  Fittingly, Belle Vernon Area will be the first school east of the Mississippi to install AstroTurf’s “Golden Series” turf system.  The “Golden Series” engineered field system will be installed at Belle Vernon Area’s James Weir Stadium.  This turf system was introduced in 2015 and is coincidentally called the “Golden Series” to honor the 50th (golden) anniversary of the AstroTurf brand as well as BVA’s 50th anniversary next year.

This type of turf system is totally unique and is the cutting edge of turf technology.  Despite AstroTurf’s certainty about the safety of crumb rubber infill, the company developed the Golden Series to serve clients who wanted more infill options.  As the historical leader of the non-filled turf market, AstroTurf knew that the system had to be dense enough to hold up to the usage of modern turf fields.  Thus, the school’s field will be extremely heavy and packed with twice as much fiber as the old field.  Belle Vernon’s field will use rounded silica sand to add ballast to the field.  The field will provide very good impact attenuation and a firm and fast feel to players by means of a shock pad.

“The gold color of the field will serve as a symbol of the long and winning history of the Belle Vernon Area Leopards.  We, at AstroTurf, are proud to have been chosen for the second time by Belle Vernon Area School District, and we are incredibly excited to see the Golden Series launched in the Northeast,” said Shamus Petrucelli, Regional Director for AstroTurf.

Construction progress can be monitored during the installation process.  A time lapse camera is mounted onsite, and a new photo will be uploaded to the AstroTurf website every 5 minutes.  Demolition of the existing surface has begun.

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