D & E – Artificial Turf Soccer & Lacrosse Field (WV)


The artificial turf soccer & lacrosse field at Davis & Elkins College is looking absolutely fantastic from above!!!

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About Davis & Elkins College:

Davis & Elkins College, also known as D&E, is a small liberal arts college located in Elkins, which is the heart of the West Virginia Highlands. The school was founded in 1904 and is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church. It was named for Henry G. Davis and his son-in-law Stephen B. Elkins who were both members of the United States Senate from West Virginia.

Davis & Elkins College has expanded to its present size, where views of the Appalachian Mountains grace the intimate, wooded campus which includes 22 major buildings on a 172-acre campus. In 1998, Davis and Elkins College was listed as a National Historic Landmark District, which includes the Graceland (1893) and Halliehurst (1890) Mansions that were also individually listed as historic landmars in 1970 and 1982, respectively.

From the beginning, Davis & Elkins College has sought to be of service to its students, and through them to the state, the nation, and the world – meeting the needs of each generation to the best of its ability. The College provides a comprehensive undergraduate curriculum, offering eight baccalaureate degrees in 39 majors, as well as seven pre-professional programs.


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