Field Turf Companies

Sports Construction Management is a leader among field turf companies. We have completed countless different athletic complexes and sports fields for middle schools, high schools, colleges and universities as well as county recreation. Working on a professional level, we do more than just install synthetic turf. We would love to show you exactly what our process is. Click here to see the full process of football field construction featuring our football field contractors and their building team. It’s not that long of a video (12 minutes), when compared to the time it takes to complete a football field construction project. We work efficiently to stay within your timelines and budgetary needs. Contact us to discuss the football field construction costs and design ideas that your organization or school needs.

We research, design and construct using the latest techniques and quality materials to ensure that the cost of football field construction or whatever type of field construction we build is cost effective and withstands the tests of wear and tear as well as time. It does not matter if you are contracting for an indoor facility or an outdoor sports arena. We can answer your questions and satisfy board and standard requirements that have to be met for school safety applications.

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