Football Field Construction

football field construction

Baltimore City College High School

Our sports field builders work with sports facility managers, coaches and school maintenance staff routinely in the process of football field construction. There are many factors that need to be planned for and prepared anytime we are contracted to create a new field at a school or renovate an older existing field. We utilize the latest methods and new innovations on every football field construction project that we handle and pay close attention the specific football field specifications that are needed. Safety is also the utmost importance.

We like to find out about the schools program and specific needs. Many times with existing fields, facility managers and maintenance staff have trouble with their existing grass surfaces. In some rare situations, the field itself is a safety hazard. Sports Construction Management handles football field renovations and football field constructions of all types. We are keenly aware of the problems and hazards that can come about from poor planning for a new facility. We feel that this important part of the process is perhaps the most important part of the entire build and process. Our clients appreciate our attention to detail and we provide knowledge of building, security, and field quality that is second to no other football field construction company or builder.

Click to see some of our finished fields, and photos of fields that are in the process of being constructed. We work in EVERY state of the United States and Canada. Give us a call or request information via our request form and we will get back to you quickly.