Football Turf

Football Turf Several independent research analysis and studies have been completed over the decades that football turf has been in use for sports field construction. Study after study, like the one completed by Norwegian sports medicine doctors, and scientists show that there is no risk of player injury when playing on football turf grass fields. John Bjørneboe, Roald Bahr, Thor Einar Andersen presented their 2010 research findings to the British Journal of Sports Medicine. In their research, they found that out of 668 injuries that players received during soccer matches, 526 were on grass and 142 were on artificial football turf! (Bjørneboe J, Bahr R, Andersen TE, 2010 British Journal of Sports Medicine, 44: 794-798)

Football turf is also environmentally sound. Some have said that the use of man-made products in football turf disrupts the natural landscape. Others have went as far as to say that the materials could be hazardous. Decades of specialized independent research studies have concluded that football turf fields present no additional risks, no matter the average weather temperatures of the locale. Factor in that these man-made materials in football turf are made from recycled goods and rubber, and you see that this option actually is environmentally positive. (Schilirò T1, Traversi D, Degan R, Pignata C, Alessandria L, Scozia D, Bono R, Gilli G. 2012)

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