How Safe is Artificial Turf?

Artificial Turf GrassHow safe are artificial turf grasses?

The answer is VERY! Absolutely, turf grasses are safe! Artificial turf grasses and artificial turf for athletic fields DO NOT CAUSE CANCER. There has never been a research study to determine a link between cancer and artificial field grass.

In fact, our turf grass contractors that work with these materials every single day, have never had one instance of poor health that can be attributed to working with and INSTALLING these materials each and every day, much less been diagnosed with any form of cancer.

Check out some of the research articles and other industry resources that we provide on our website if you have questions about the safe-ness of artificial athletic field grasses. We have completed countless projects for schools, churches and sports recreation complex facilities, both indoor and outdoor complexes and this question is easily addressed in the decades of research that has been carried out on the materials and processes that artificial turf grasses are created and installed.

There are several benefits to using artificial turf. Turf grass utilizes the land better and you can use more of the field land for play space than with natural grasses. Depending on the climate, a typical grass field will require between 500,000 to a MILLION gallons of water or more each year. We do not have to stop here and lecture on what a precious resource water truly is. No one would argue against a process and product that saves precious water!

Turf grasses eliminate the need for using harmful pesticides and weed killers that wreak havoc on our natural resources and land. Millions of pounds of fertilizers and harmful chemical pesticides are used for natural grass fields and they come with a significant harmful effect on the environment. In the state of North Carolina alone, according to the NC Dept of Environment and Natural Resources, polluted storm water runoff is the number one cause of water pollution in the Tarheel state.

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