Jesuit High School Turf – Artificial Turf Install Complete!

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SCM’s artificial turf install at Jesuit High School in Carmichael, CA is complete! The field looks absolutely outstanding and congratulation to JHS on the success of your athletic’s improvement campaign. Go Marauders!

From Jesuit High School:

Stadium Updates

 I am sure you have noticed the stadium renovation project now underway at Jesuit High School. This note comes to you later than I wanted – the increased pace of construction in the region has stressed the availability of heavy construction equipment. We had expected an April 1 start date for demolition but the equipment was available this week. Consequently, the stadium project has begun a little early and this letter to you is coming a little late. Please accept my regrets if you have been surprised.

 What is the project about? Jesuit’s stadium has been left untouched for decades now. We still had a dirt track, our bleachers were past repair, and we could not offer easy ADA access for parents, grandparents, and friends who wanted to watch our student-athletes compete. The Board of Trustees determined that it was time for a renewal of the facility.

So what is the plan? An artificial turf field will be installed that will be demonstrably safer for all student-athletes. The turf will not be installed with the typical crumb rubber and sand infill because of safety concerns but rather will be installed with newly developed materials that will actually reduce the surface temperature on the warmest days by 20+ degrees. We will also install a new rubberized track measured in meters rather than yards. And, stadium seating will be more readily accessible and a new press box will presumably be more resistant to termites. The County of Sacramento has issued permits for the construction of the project.

What is not happening? Jesuit is not installing stadium lighting nor would we do such a thing without consultation with our neighbors and only after a thorough study of its advisability and impacts.

Renovation is expected to be completed by the end of July 2015. Although the construction timeline is aggressive, I do not expect there to be a need for extended hours or obtrusive work on Saturdays. Sacramento County ordinance does not permit work to begin on an exterior construction site until 7 a.m. and the renovation site should be effectively closed no later than 4 p.m. each day.

This week’s demolition is the noisiest element of the construction period but there will be heavy equipment on the site throughout the project. Unfortunately, safety considerations require back up warnings and the like. Our contractor, Roebbelen Construction, is dedicated to minimizing disruption in the neighborhood and all of us involved want to do as much as we can to address any concerns that you may have. Construction updates as well as contact information may be found on our website:

With warmest regards,

Fr. David J. Suwalsky, S.J.


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