NASCAR Yesterday Artificial Turf Football Field Construction Today!


NASCAR yesterday, artificial turf football field construction today at Bristol Motor Speedway! SCM is on site and helping to get ready for Tennessee vs Virginia Tech in the Battle of Bristol on Sept. 10th!

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More on the Battle of Bristol from pilot

After decades of planning and details, college football’s biggest-ever game is about to come together over a stretch of just 19 days.

Bristol Motor Speedway will undergo a major facelift, with the track transforming into a football field. A crowd of more than 150,000 people — the most to ever witness a college football game — is expected to fill the grandstand.

On Sept. 10, Virginia Tech and Tennessee will finally face off in the much-anticipated Battle at Bristol.

A game of this magnitude takes an incredible amount of planning and detail. Let’s take a look at some of the numbers involved.

12 hours to dismantle and ship the stage after Bristol’s tailgate party on Friday night before the game.

19 days set aside to transform the track into a playable football field. “Making the transition in just 19 days will be tight, but we’re used to tackling big challenges,” said Jerry Caldwell, executive vice present and GM of the speedway. “For many years, it’s been our privilege to welcome more than a million guests annually and make them feel at home. In 2016, we built Colossus TV, one of the world’s largest digital displays, in record time. We know what it’s like to stretch and achieve these larger-than-life events, and I think when people see the field in September, it will look and feel very natural. Our first-time guests will never guess that the last time a football game was played here, JFK was president.”

19 law enforcement agencies and contractors hired to keep the crowds safe. Increased measures will include sweeps with canine units, inspections of all vehicles entering the grounds and metal detectors to enhance fan safety.

50 states represented from the ticket holders attending the game.

130 light towers, generators and striping spaces to help provide lighting for the adjacent campgrounds.

240 tour buses to keep the crowd flowing at all times.

300 hours of production to create the one-of-a-kind custom-designed trophy awarded to the winner of the game. The polishing alone took 20 hours.

450 truckloads of rock and manufactured sand for the field base, which will weigh in at more than 10,600 tons.

720 acres mowed, combining the grounds at the speedway and adjacent campgrounds.

1,000 workers on site responsible for parking, guiding and providing shuttle service for the crowd on the day of the game.

5,000 seats added to the infield for a better viewing experience.

102,000 square feet of artificial turf that will be installed. The field will be a 3D3 playing surface, which boasts a shorter, denser turf carpet that provides more fiber and requires less infill.

150,00 fans expected, making it the largest college football crowd of all time.

180,000 pounds of silica and rubber infill within the turf.

455,000 16 oz. beers that have been ordered to serve the fans .


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