Ready for Artificial Turf at Christian Academy of Louisville!


We’re ready for artificial turf at Christian Academy of Louisville! SCM’s new field project on campus is progressing nicely and the new Astroturf Golden Series DT32 synthetic turf system installation will soon be complete!

Sports Construction Management

About Astroturf’s Golden Series DT32 turf system:

A groundbreaking synthetic turf system, the Golden Series, is gaining serious ground.  It started with LA Recs and Parks, has quickly spread across California, and is making strides in the rest of the country.

For decades the industry has relied on cheaply made, lightweight carpet systems propped up with cheap, commodity sand and rubber infills.  Like Windows 95, this was a great introduction 20 years ago.  But two decades later that formula is now outmoded.  No longer should clients be forced into an inferior turf system because “that’s the way it is.”  AstroTurf still makes heavyweight infill system to serve a certain market and will continue to do so.  There’s nothing wrong with rubber—it’s just old, tired technology.

The Golden Series is for clients who demand more than a “green side up” approach.  With the Golden Series, we have harnessed our half century of experience building synthetic turf surfaces.  The Golden Series relies on the most important system component—fiber—for structural integrity and player performance.  We’ve incorporated the best elements and technologies into one beast of a system:

  • Heavy fiber weight and high turf density — exceptional durability
  • Unique, lightweight infill for ballast only — more infill options for clients to choose according to preferences and budget, ZERO infill spray
  • No crumb rubber — no negative perceptions, no “tire store smell”, no migration
  • Proven pads — guaranteed shock absorption and grass-like energy restitution

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