SCM Synthetic Turf Field Maintenance

Sports Construction Management, Inc. provides outstanding synthetic turf field maintenance packages thru our Maintain the Game programs to meet all of your field maintenance needs. Field maintenance is a vital part of every field owners program and we offer standard field maintenance packages or SCM can customize service to meet your specific field maintenance needs. Regular and thorough maintenance is the absolute best way to protect your significant investment and to extend the life of your synthetic turf field.

TCAPicSCM utilizes state of the art maintenance equipment for field maintenance packages including the SMG TCA 1400 for a thorough sweep, grooming and infill leveling of a field and the Redexin Verti-Top 1800 for a more thorough deep cleaning, infill level, sweep and field de-compaction to ensure outstanding play and performance.

In need of a field antimicrobial spray treatment? SCM offers the outstanding Bac-Shield antimicrobial spray treatment package to disinfect your synthetic turf field and to inhibit mold, mildew and bacterial growth.