Soccer Field Construction

Soccer Field ConstructionSports Construction Management has accomplished numerous soccer field construction projects including the new artificial turf soccer fields at the VYSA soccer complex in Fredericksburg, Virginia. As sports field contractors, we have worked for universities and colleges as well. We are the leading sports field builders in the country. Our fields are built for high performance, safety, ease of maintenance, and security. We love contributing to the legacy of the collegiate and high school teams across the country that we have contracted for.

Soccer field construction, much like football field construction, largely depends on the needs and wants of the school or organization. We will work with your team of planners to map out the project, from start to finish, paying close attention to specific needs. One major factor that most schools and clubs are interested in is the long-term maintenance cost. Artificial turf fields can save you a great deal of money in the long run. There are other factors such as lighting, frequency of use, and land space that will come into play in the planning and engineering of the installation. Each stage of process is clearly explained and approved by school and club officials that we work with.

There are common elements that any soccer field construction project usually incorporates. These are: light towers, environmental factors, storm drainage, erosion control factors, bleachers, sidewalks, and appropriate fencing. We understand the complicated construction processes including permitting, consulting, and grading that has to take place during the process. We work with professionals on all levels to efficiently carry out each soccer field construction that we are contracted to do. Our experts can also appropriately advise soccer field renovation projects.