Synthetic Turf Football Lacrosse Field at Norfolk Academy

SCM’s new Astroturf multi-sport synthetic turf field at Norfolk Academy was looking great on a recent field visit. The field’s turf  surface is Astroturf 3D3 52, an outstanding synthetic turf product selection for the football and mens lacrosse field for unsurpassed athletic play and long lasting field durability.

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Life-shaping scholarship in time.Since our 1728 founding, Norfolk Academy has existed for the transformative education and edification of children (and families) in Hampton Roads. As Virginia’s oldest independent school, we carry that historic mission into today, even as we constantly reevaluate and improve upon our purpose, our performance, and the lasting effect we have on our students and our region.

Trusted and reciprocally empowering relationships form the bedrock of the Norfolk Academy experience. The inspiring relationships we forge with one another underlie our college-prep curriculum, our innovative programming, and our time-honored traditions.

No exciting discovery, no personal breakthrough, no learning epiphany occurs at the Academy without the heartfelt, inspiring, and perspective-shifting relationships that students purposefully build with one another and with their teachers—who also serve as trusted coaches and wise advisors.

The relationships we begin building in grade one—and that grow in ardor and complexity all the way through grade 12—make possible both the authentic kindness and the outsized accomplishments of our students. That’s why years after graduation, Norfolk Academy students still count their friends and teachers here as the largest influences on their entire lives.

Few schools have thrived for almost 300 years like Norfolk Academy. And it’s the clear and ringing timbre of relationships you find at Norfolk Academy that continues to demonstrate our relevance today.


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