USF Soccer’s AstroTurf DT 32 Synthetic Turf System


The University of San Francisco’s Stephen Negoesco Soccer Stadium field is looking absolutely fantastic. The stadium field installed by Sports Construction Management utilizes the AstroTurf Golden Series DT 32 synthetic turf system on a Brock ASP 15 pad for an unsurpassed, cutting edge alternate infill turf system. What a beautiful soccer facility!

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San Francisco, CA – The Bay Area is synonymous with innovation and an environmentally conscious attitude. So it should come as no surprise that when the University of San Francisco needed a new soccer field, they chose a cutting edge AstroTurf® playing surface that incorporates organic elements. Installation of the new synthetic turf system at Negoesco Stadium was completed on July 7th, making it the second state-of-the-art AstroTurf field installed on campus this year, following the renovation of Benedetti Diamond earlier this year.

Negoesco Field during the Infilling Process

Negoesco Field during the Infilling Process

Negoesco Stadium now sports a brand new 82,000 square foot AstroTurf Golden Series DT playing surface. What makes the AstroTurf Golden Series DT product so distinctive is that it synthesizes several different advanced artificial turf technologies into one cohesive and cutting edge system. It begins from the bottom up with a specialized Brock pad for maximum shock attenuation and energy restitution during play. The artificial turf itself is a combination of high density slit film fibers for durability, and a specialized version of AstroTurf’s patented RootZone® system, which bolsters the turf for improved structural integrity. The final piece is the infill, which is made up of sand and a specialized product called ZeoFill, an organic mineral used in health food supplements and water filtration systems that actually helps to reduce surface temperatures by absorbing and slowly releasing water. All of these elements combine to deliver an exceptional playing surface engineered for high usage and consistent performance, all while eliminating the use of crumb rubber.

“Not only does this field offer us the latest in sustainable technology, it also gives us the pure performance characteristics we were looking for in a synthetic turf system,” said USF Athletic Director Scott Sidwell. “We think this new AstroTurf field gives our students the best of both worlds.”

USF Logo

USF Logo

In addition to wanting an organic alternative to the traditional crumb rubber infill, USF Athletics was looking for an artificial surface that was safe, durable, and played fast. A visit to Jesuit High School in Sacramento, which has enjoyed a Golden Series DT field since last summer, helped to cement the decision that this surface would satisfy their demands.


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