What Is Turf Made Of?

What is turf made of? How is synthetic turf made? These are questions that everyone we speak to asks when we are using artificial turf for their sports fieldWhat is Turf Made Of construction project.

Artificial Turf is ground cover that takes the maintenance and expense out of maintaining a flat, year round surface usually associated with natural grass. It replicates lush, green grass and is used on athletic fields, play areas for pets in urban settings, and practice greens for golf. Anyone that has every worked in landscaping or tried to maintain a perfectly manicured field or lawn, understands the maintenance and time that goes into working with natural grass. Synthetic turf companies and athletic field construction companies like ours install a low maintenance and weed free cover.

How is artificial grass made?

Artificial grass turf is installed by Sports Construction Management’s synthetic turf team. We use a multi-faceted system of installation using resilient blades of faux grass that are filled with material to resemble natural looking and close to natural feeling grass. Our man-made grass blades and drainage layers are made from recycled materials that provide a uniform, stable and resilient turf for maximized support.

Sports Construction Management is the premier sports field construction company building athletic sports fields and complexes for colleges, universities, town and county recreation and other organizations. We can save you money by installing a synthetic turf field when you are building athletic fields or upgrading your existing fields.

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